Hoverboard – the perfect gift?

The hoverboard is an electric scooter that allows users to travel at speed using the built in electric motors. These motors are connected to rechargeable batteries that allow you to charge up your device and use it for hours. 3 hours charge time usually provides 6 hours of use, which should be more than enough. The hoverboard http://www.hoverboardofficiel.fr/ allows you to do tricks and more with your friends and provided that your purchase from a reputable seller, you can be sure your board will last for a long time.

Overwatch Game Director Why New Items Are Only Acquired Through Loot Boxes

Two days ago, Blizzard launched its first seasonal patch for Overwatch and with it comes a slew of different Olympic-themed items.

These items range from player icons, sprays, and skins. There are a lot of new items brought with the patch (in fact, there is a total of 100 Olympic-themed items up for grabs) and players are asking why Blizzard released it this way.

You see, the only way for you to get the Olympic-themed items is by opening loot boxes. Loot boxes can be obtained two ways: a. either through leveling up or b. if you buy them using real money.

Obviously, the majority of players won’t be dishing out money just to buy a set of loot boxes with random content.

After much fan outcry, Jeff Kaplan finally explains why the company has decided to release Olympic-themed items only through loot boxes.

He said that this is an experimental phase and when this patch is well-received, they will do another seasonal patch with season-only items.

Furthermore, Jeff Kaplan wants every Olympic-themed item to be special. Wouldn’t it be great if you were one of the few who got a new Tracer Skin?

That feeling of uniqueness is what propelled Kaplan and his team to release Olympic-themed items only through loot boxes. He wants players to feel that these items are “extra special”.

He also wanted the Overwatch community to see through the event rather than complaining since, well, the patch has been live only for like two days. Give it time and it will eventually sink in.

The thing about these Olympic-game loot boxes is that whenever you open one, you are guaranteed to get at least one Olympic-themed item. This may range from, again, player icons to character skins.

You also have to take note that some of the loot boxes might give you duplicates or items that you already have (which automatically gets sold).

I am actually on the side of Kaplan here. Back in the day when I was still playing Warcraft, whenever someone gets a new rare mount, people would always flock to him, marveling at his/her glorious mount.

For you to get a skin that no one else gives you a sense of pride and a feeling of contentment.

Although Kaplan said his piece, it was not well received by the community. Some people even said that what is the current purpose of the game’s currencies if new items are not bought using the medium.

Furthermore, some people say that it is just how the company makes money and as enticing as the new items are, people will be reaching out for their wallets and credit cards just to buy some.

But seriously, the option of using real money to buy loot boxes is entirely optional. What I will advise gamers to do is just play the game. Enjoy it for what it is and if you do not get the item or skin that you like, then don’t worry about it.

Again, if the event is well received, Kaplan will surely implement another seasonal patch soon and for the years to come.

Best gym flooring

SO why should you put down a rubber gym floor?

Well firstly, the cost of gym flooring is amazingly low, for a fraction of the cost of equipment you can buy high quality rubber gym flooring that will protect your equipment and original flooring from damage, it can also be used for effective noise reduction.

Most gym flooring mats come in 1sqm tiles, which range in mm of thickness, depending on your needs and requirements, for most, 15mm should be enough and suit your needs. So what to look out for when choosing flooring? A dark colour is always recommended, as it shows up the least amount of dirt/ scruffs.

The Pros and Cons of IP Cameras

IP Cameras are widely popular nowadays because they not only provide amazing protection and surveillance but it also brings convenience to the people who use them.

With the advent of the internet, a lot of things have become more and more convenient. The IP cameras utilize the Internet Protocol in order to give you footage of what’s happening in the premises where you installed the IP camera.

If you still do not have an IP camera, then you must get them now. If you’re still not convinced, then I will talk about the pros and cons of IP cameras.

Since there aren’t a lot of cons for the IP cameras, I will talk about them first.

1. Higher Bandwidth Needed. IP cameras use the Internet Protocol in order to send the data it has gathered. In order for this to work seamlessly, it must require higher bandwidth. So, if you currently have a slow connection, this may hamper your ability to make the IP camera work properly.

2. Much more expensive. IP cameras replace the CCTV cameras of old. IP cameras are newer and they are better integrated with the internet protocol than any other security and surveillance equipment. Because of this, IP cameras tend to be much more expensive than the conventional CCTV cameras.

Those are the only major cons of IP cameras. Next, I am going to talk about the positives.

1. Better Security. IP cameras offer more depth of field, meaning, it covers more area than the CCTV camera. Also, there are different IP cameras that offer more features such as better motion detection, better IR sensors, and more that are not found in CCTVs.

2. Faster Transmission. IP cameras make use of the Internet Protocol and it can send the data via the said protocol to your computer. Also, since the file that it transmits is already in digital format, it doesn’t need to be converted to another file format so you can play it on your computer. Thus, it will save you more time than just relying on CCTVs.

3. Remote Access. Since IP cameras are connected to a network that you’ve set, you can actually make use of a web browser to see any activity that is currently happening on your premises. This provides peace of mind, especially if you’re not going to be home anytime soon.

4. Higher Resolution. IP cameras are able to record higher resolution videos compared to their CCTV counterparts. In fact, it can even record the sounds in its surroundings. Just make sure to have a hefty storage unit to store all of these files because they are quite big on the file size.

5. Easy to Install. IP cameras are very easy to install and it doesn’t require any more intricate wiring as it uses a standard Ethernet cable.

IP cameras may be expensive and they may require a lot more bandwidth, the pros outweigh the cons.

It allows you to have remote access, it is easy to install, it’s got a better and extended range, and it offers you peace of mind knowing that you can look at your place at any time by using the internet.

IP cameras are great and if you still do not have one, then you have to consider buying one soon.

What is Farro and Why You Should Eat More of It

As an Asian Guy, most of my carbs come from rice and other grains. That is because it is heavily part of our culture. I can’t fathom the idea of not eating rice at all.

Rice is a good source of carbs but they have been shunned from the weight loss community because of its calorie content.

But don’t worry, there are a lot of rice alternatives you can eat when you’re trying to lose weight.

Quinoa is a popular choice. Quinoa is much like rice but it is a healthier alternative. Quinoa not only has fewer calories than rice but it also has a lot more fiber content.

Both rice and quinoa share the spotlight together, leaving this one grain that is much more beneficial in weight loss than both of the aforementioned variants.

Today, we are going to talk about Farro and why you should eat more of it. But before I talk about the benefits of Farro, what the hell is Farro?

Farro is a type of rice that has fewer calories and more fiber content than the conventional rice and quinoa. It is usually used as a main carbohydrate source but it can also be used in soups and other dishes as well.

Now that you know what Farro is, why should you eat more of this stuff? If you’re serious in losing weight, then you really need to consider eating Farro.

Farro has been known to have more fiber than any other whole grains out there, and that includes Quinoa as well. Also, Farro also helps you feel full for a longer time. When you feel full, you trick your brain that your body doesn’t need food for the time being, and thus, contributes to more fat loss.

Another benefit of eating Farro is that Farro has more energy-sustaining proteins than other grains of rice. Protein found in Farro not only keeps you satiated but it will also help you with your muscle development. This is very useful for people who lift weights as protein is needed for muscle recovery and growth.

Farro not only consists of protein and fiber, it also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Farro has been known to be rich in Iron. It also contains a lot of B Vitamins and Magnesium as well. The aforementioned nutrients not only help you in losing weight but it also decreases the likelihood of developing depression and insomnia.

And lastly, Farro can be used in just about everything that requires rice. Do you want to create rice crispies? Use Farro. Do you want to have an amazing fiber-rich snack? Combine Farro with oatmeal. Do you want a good postworkout dessert? Combine Farro with fruits and milk to create an amazing postworkout treat. The possibilities are endless!

I hope that this article has convinced you into eating more Farro. Farro, with its health benefits among others, should also be in the spotlight. So if you want to lose weight, start eating Farro today.

The Executive Game for Android

Do you want to be an executive in a mining company? Do you want to be able to beat up bad guys that try to ruin your company, and ultimately, the entire city?

If so, there is a game that I highly recommend if the answers to the above questions are a resounding YES.

The Executive Game for Android mobile phones is a game that combines company mechanics and fighting into a single game.

To know more about The Executive Game for Android, here are its features:

  • 120 levels, hand-crafted one pixel at a time. No randomly generated endless filler.
  • Dozens of abilities and skills to learn
  • Battle enemies and execute stunts in every level
  • Over 50 unique enemies, each with their own intelligence, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Invest in your mining company and earn money continuously
  • 12 Menacing bosses that will require your strategy and skill to defeat

In The Executive Game for Android, you will be taking control of a company executive (hence the name of the game). People who can shapeshift into werewolves are trying to take over your company because your company happens to be the most successful mining company in the city.

This game incorporates company mechanics in that you will earn money through your company. If you don’t know how a mining company works, all I can say is that you can earn a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Now, the money that you will get in the game will be used to upgrade your character’s abilities and attributes. In fact, there are a lot of abilities to learn in this game, so be sure to spend the money when it is available.

What I love about The Executive Game for Android mobile phones is that this game has a whopping 120 levels. Not only that but the game developers made sure that each level is unique. In other words, there will be no fillers, no repetitive backgrounds or anything of that sort. This is really a great thing as doing this type of game developing is a painstaking process. Props to the developers for doing so.

In every 10 levels of the game, you will encounter a boss battle. The boss battles in this game are a little bit challenging but it is doable. That is why it is important that you improve the Executive’s abilities and attributes.

The Executive Game for Android mobile phones makes use of intuitive touch controls. There are also gesture-based commands which allow you to execute a variety of moves. As previously mentioned, the executive’s move set will be increased when you unlock them using the money.

There are over 50 different enemy units, each with their differing attributes and traits. As I’ve said before, The Executive Game for Android is a well thought of game that really brings something new to the table.

The Executive Game for Android can make use of your mobile phone data to sync in your score in their leaderboards. If you want an uninterrupted service, get the help of mobile phone signal boosters.

The Executive Game for Android costs only a one-time fee of $5. I highly encourage you to get this game because it is so fun and intuitive.

Spigen Rugged Capsule Case for the HTC OnePlus 2

The Chinese mobile phone company, HTC, has done it again! This time, they’ve created a worthy successor to the OnePlus phone in the form of the OnePlus 2. Now, the name might sound funny, but this phone is another one of those phones that have great features without a huge asking price.

The HTC OnePlus 2 is a sleek and stylish phone with a very nice handling. It can be very easy to grasp the phone, making the possibility of dropping it very minimal at best. The problem? There is still a slight chance that your HTC OnePlus 2 might fall off.

You know, gravity can be a good or bad thing. The bad thing about gravity is that, well, when you drop something like a mobile phone to the ground, for example, it can cause irreparable damage.

To avoid damaging your HTC OnePlus 2 mobile phone, we will talk about a particular case from a prominent protective case for mobile phones’ manufacturer.

Today, we are going to talk about the Spigen Rugged Capsule Case for the HTC OnePlus 2. Here are all the benefits of this protective case:

  • Single layer TPU is flexible and durable for an exact fit with grip
  • New design dominated by glossy accents and carbon fiber textures
  • Corners equipped with Air Cushion TechnologyTM for protection against small drops and bumps
  • Raised lip and camera cutout lift screen and lens off flat surfaces

The design of the Spigen Rugged Capsule Case for the HTC OnePlus 2 is very good. This protective case is dominated with glossy accents and it also has carbon fiber textures. This means that it looks shiny but it is also easy to grasp and you won’t have issues dropping the phone while it is in your hand.

If, in the event that you accidentally drop your HTC OnePlus 2 mobile phone, the Spigen Rugged Capsule Case for the HTC OnePlus 2 is made of a TPU hard plastic that is durable and flexible at the same time.

TPU is a lightweight, durable plastic that is commonly used in making protective cases. The protective case holds the mobile phone perfectly without any spaces where it can move. The case protects the mobile phone and that it has a soft interior that makes sure your phone will not get scratched if it gets accidentally dropped.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the buttons and the ports as well. The Spigen Rugged Capsule Case for the HTC OnePlus 2 has carefully placed buttons and cutouts that make sure the important features of the phone are left unhindered.

The camera slot, for example, is left unhindered so that you can take photos perfectly just like the protective case isn’t in place.

And lastly, this protective case comes with an air-cushion technology that mitigates any shock from impacts or bumps to prevent any damage done to the mobile phone.

The Spigen Rugged Capsule Case for the HTC OnePlus 2 is a great case from a reputable manufacturer. This case only costs $14.

MusclePharm Iron Pump

If you’re into bodybuilding, nothing compares to the physique that Arnold Schwarzenegger had during his prime. He has the best body in the bodybuilding world, and a lot of people are trying to emulate that physique.

MusclePharm, a renowned supplement manufacturer, has teamed up with the legendary Arnold to create a pre-workout supplement that will not only give you energy, but it will also give you intense muscle pumps.

The MP Iron Pump boasts of a really potent proprietary blend they dubbed as “Super Nitric Oxide” ION-3 Nitrate technology. iron_pump16So, what does this fancy name have to offer? Basically, what ION-3 Nitrate technology does is it opens up your blood pathways, so that the absorption of the pre-workout will be more efficient.

This means that you will get the energy that you need as soon as possible. Moreover, the ION-3 Nitrate technology helps with muscle smoothness and vascularity for that intense pump sensation.

According to Schwarzenegger, the pump is the best feeling you can get when you’re hitting the gym, and I believe him. I workout pretty much 4 times a week, and every time I go to the gym, I always make it a point to feel the pump when it arises.

Now, if you’re having a desk job that requires you at least 8 hours of work a day, that means that you will have little to no energy to go to the gym and exercises. That is a huge dilemma that many are facing, that is why taking a pre-workout is the best option.

What makes MP Iron Pump amazing is not because of its ION-3 Nitrate technology, but because it is stimulant-free. Most other pre-workout supplements contain stimulants such as caffeine that, although proven to increase energy levels, are detrimental for people who have low caffeine tolerance.

The MP Iron Pump is safe to use and it also comes in a variety of flavors. With Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm of this product, do people have the same regard for the Iron Pump? Here are some comments:

Joe: “Musclepharm Iron Pump is one of the best preworkout supplements I’ve tried because it gives me massive pumps without the Caffeine. I am not very fond of caffeine as it upsets my stomach and it gives me headaches. I also feel that recovery-wise, I’ve never felt any better. I would highly recommend this pre-workout supplement.”

Rudy: “the MP Iron Pump is a good preworkout drink. I’ve tried all the flavors and I love the fruit punch the most. It gives me good, clean energy, without the tingling sensation. It is also stimulant-free, so for people who are not fond of stimulants, this is the pre-workout supplement to get.

Andrew: “Taste and mixability are awesome; I am able to dissolve the entire scoop in less than 10 seconds when using a shaker cup. Furthermore, the price is just awesome. I got this one for only $14. Pretty solid deal!”

The MP Iron Pump is a good stimulant-free pre-workout supplement, and it retails at only $14.

EE’s Signal Box

Technology has really improved our lives. Nowadays, you can do online banking, play games, and listen to music all on the go. You can do all these things with the help of Smartphones. Smartphones have become one of the technological marvels of the 21st century.

Smartphones utilize signals that your service provides emits from their cell towers in order to carry out these functions. But, sometimes you may experience loss of signal, or sometimes you will have a poor signal reception.

Due to this, you need to go out the window, raise it high above just to obtain the signal you need to send that text message or make that important call. ee-signalThis frustrates a lot of people, and people are asking what they should do so that they will not have to deal with this endeavor in the future.

Fortunately, there is something you can do: get a mobile phone signal booster. Mobile phone signal boosters became legalized for public use, and it can help you with your signal woes.

What mobile phone signal boosters do is they amplify any signal strength that your service provider’s towers emit, and they broadcast it wherever you need it.

But, what mobile phone signal booster should you choose? Well, it really depends on your needs. For personal and home use, a normal signal booster should suffice.

A certain company called “EE” has a solution for you. It’s called the Signal box, and it is the one you need to boost the signal in your own home.

Now, what are the perks of EE’s signal box? Here are just a few of the niceties that will make you want to get one:

  • Multiple User access- Broadcast amplified signals for up to 4 devices at a time.
  • Ease of use- The signal box is very easy to install and requires no technical knowledge
  • Fast switching- If you don’t need the services of the signal booster, you can revert back to the non-amplified mode on the fly.
  • No hidden charges- no hidden costs when using their signal box

Another beauty of EE’s signal box is their customer support. They have unparalleled 24-hour customer support should you experience any problems. Users of the Signal box have reported that there are no inherent problems when using the signal box, and if any quirk should appear, their customer service hotline is always very helpful.

3G has become the standard for mobile internet and EE’s signal box can boost 3G signals as well. You can do a lot of things with a 3G connection: you can stream content, play your favorite mobile games, and sending your family and friends a video call.

If you want to get a hold of EE’s signal box, here are the things you should know about. A lot of people are happy with it because it does not have any contract period. Meaning, you can opt out whenever you like if you’re dissatisfied with the product. Furthermore, there is a full 24-month warranty.

So, if you’re in need of a personal signal booster, EE’s signal box may be a fine choice.